"Noche" Rug

"Noche" collection: a thousand shades of color in the darkness.

The colors chosen for this collection represent a darkness made of a thousand different shades and express a sense of nostalgia for the twilight and some kind of attraction for the dark side. What made it possible to achieve such a wide range of different hues was the material used: jute, which gives the impression of a dynamic shading-effect. This is the strong point of "Noche" rugs: their color changes depending on the point of view you look at them, giving a touch of refined elegance to your rooms.
"Noche" rug is hand-knotted with 100% hand-spun jute. It has a density of 87,200 knots/sqm, a pile-height of 11 mm, a total-height of 15 mm and weighs 3.5 kg/sqm. Colors: light blue, brown, black and natural. Sizes: 170x240 cm and 200x300 cm.

Nani Marquina collaborates with “Care & Fair” organization, which guarantees that every single rug made in India is produced without child labour exploitation.
Design: Nani Marquina 2006
  • Cleaning and maintenance: dry-clean only. Every Nani Marquina product has a care label with specific instructions for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Colors 1): being handmade, the real colors of the rugs might be slightly different from the colors in the samples. An absolutely exact reproduction of colors can never be guaranteed.
  • Maintenance: the rugs' natural fibres tend to form some fluff on their surface, especially during the very first days. It can be easily removed by vacuuming them.
  • Sizes: being handmade, each rug is unique and its real size can slightly vary from that indicated (up to a maximum of 5%).
  • Colors 2): short pile rugs might display small areas that seem to have different colors from the rest of the surface. This is perfectly normal.
  • Colors 3): any shading-effect in short pile rugs can depend on the pressure of the packing, on the angle between the pile and the base of the rug or on the position of the fibres.
  • Colors 4): different shades of colour on the surface of the rug are not to be considered manufacturing defects and do not prejudice the durability of the product.
  • Colors 5): prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the colors of the rug.

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